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Agile adoption pre-requisite backlog

Purpose: These are activities to be completed before starting agile adoption/transformation

1. Clearly define goals for agile adoption/transformation

1.1. Setup agile transformation team

1.2. Collect inputs from stakeholders

1.3. Articulate the benefits expected

1.4. Evaluate the commitment level

1.5. Set SMART goals

2. Secure Commitment

2.1. People: Who will participate

2.2. Time: Allocate dedicated time for participation

2.3. Cost: Secure funding for training, tools, supplies, equipment etc.,

3. Build high level agile adoption backlog

3.1. Define backlog items based on goals

3.2. Determine business value

3.3. Elaborate backlog items so there is enough work for two iterations

3.4. Groom the backlog and mark Minimal Viable Product (MVP) items

3.5. Estimate the effort for MVP items and determine value

3.6. Prioritize the backlog